A delicious clean soda.

We created Hӧpt because people again and again told us no sodas exist that are worthy enough for times when they’re socialising – they need something that makes an effort. Something cleaner. Something rewarding and more ‘sessionable’…

So we sourced and tasted many ingredients and eventually Hӧpt was born. Made in NZ, Hӧpt was crafted by a team of people across Tokyo, Melbourne & Auckland who came together to create something for people coming together. It’s named so because ‘hӧpt’ is an ancient skaldic term thought to mean ‘connected’.

Hӧpt sodas are unique fusions of hop extracts with flavours like lychee, pear, watermelon, elderberry, basil, mint, lemongrass and limeflower, and much less sugar*. Select hops such as the fragrant Columbus, Tomohawk and Zeus varieties are harvested to create Hӧpt. Their unique characteristics make our sodas crisp and refreshing.


There are 4 Hӧpt’s for you to try – each a unique fusion of hop extracts with natural flavours and less sugar*.

Salted Lychee

An intriguingly delicious unison of lychee juice and real hop extracts balanced with a distinct saltiness.

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Pear and Brasil

Delicate extracts of basil combine with pear juice and real hop extracts in a crisp, cleansing cider-like creation – without the load of sugar and alcohol.

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Watemelon And Mint

Cool mint and real hop extracts unite with watermelon juice in a refreshing, summery soda.

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Elderberry And Herb

This blend of lemongrass and limeflower extracts with elderberry juice and real hop extracts is crisp, complex and herbaceous.

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